The LIFE Leadership Business Review: An Authoritative Analysis

Curious about The LIFE Leadership Business?

lifeleadershipAny INTELLIGENT and HONEST entrepreneur should do research before signing on the The Life Business distributor contract. Whether you heard about LIFE just a few minutes or months ago from your brother, your coworker, your aunt, or reading about it online… let’s take examine the LIFE Leadership Company, its product offerings, its compensation plan and…LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST… how to actually market and expand YOUR LIFE business  if you decide to pursue it… would be more than worth your time. 
NOTE: To earn meaningful income with The LIFE Leadership Business opportunity, you must treat it as a real business. Now, here is the plain truth for you:  the OVERWHELMING majority of network marketing distributors have no idea what they’re doing and don’t take their business serious. They just treat it as a little hobby or a social club… instead of a profitable enterprise. After all, it’s tremendously important to join a very select group who know how to effectively and professionally promote the LIFE business. As with any business venture, aligning yourself with strategic alliances is key.
By analyzing the complex but generous compensation plan, there is a great earning potential in the LIFE Leadership opportunity. And YOU may as well become the next top leader in the LIFE business, if you learn the right way to promote the business, are coachable, get busy and get things done. 
If you just want information about the the LIFE products, this review is a useful read for you. However, you might not need the in-depth analysis of the company.If you are SERIOUS about learning the real “secret” that differentiates winners from losers, this is what sets YOU in the top 2% earners of the industry, while the other 98% goes on forever to spin the wheel like a crazed gerbil… and again, from company to company, with no way out.

Yet before we dive into that, let’s first take a deeper look at the LIFE Leadership business.

The LIFE Leadership Business Review: History

lifefoundersSeven high-powered and wealthy couples in network marketing launched The LIFE Leadership Company 11/1/2011 in the United States and Canada.  The company has since expanded more internationally into Haiti and the Bahamas, with plans for continued, strategic growth around the globe.  

The LIFE founders are: Orrin and Laurie Woodward,  Tim and Amy Marks, Dan and Lisa Hawkins, Claude and Lana Hamilton,George and Jill Guzzardo,  Bill and Jackie Lewis, and finally, Chris and Terri Brady.

Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are both New York Times and Business Week best-selling authors.

The LIFE Leadership Business founders

LIFE specializes creating high-quality leadership training and personal development materials (CDs, DVDs, online streaming audios, books, video libraries, live seminars, and conventions).  Independent LIFE Members distribute and market the products in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, and Haiti; and they may sell the products to customers in virtually any country in the world.  Currently, materials are available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. 

life1112011LIFE’s personal growth approach encourages people to enhance their leadership and people skills, in addition to communication and team culture improvement.  The monthly subscriptions  focus on the “8F’s” – Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Freedom, Following, and Fun.

LIFE’s corporate website explains their Point of View and their Purpose:

Our Point of View: You can live the life you’ve always wanted. We believe it requires correct information, applied with discipline, consistency, and purpose, over time, and with the support and encouragement of a community of people aligned in common purpose.

Our Purpose: LIFE seeks to provide the information, encouragement, opportunity, and community necessary to individuals who are hungry to live a life that counts!”

The first year results of The LIFE Business exceeded $50 million in sales.

The LIFE Business review: Executive Management Team

Rob Hallstrand

Rob Hallstrand

Rob Hallstrand, LIFE Founder, CEO
Rob Hallstrand has worked with the company’s cofounders for 18+ years. He has served as the CEO of LIFE since its genesis (Please click here for more information about Rob Hallstrand).

The LIFE Leadership Business Review: Products

At this time, LIFE offers several different subscription options.  The prices are the same for Members and customers alike, i.e. no special pricing.  However, customers are not eligible to earn income from the products, whereas Members are.

The LIFE Business subscriptions

CD/DVD/Book Subscriptions

1. LIFE Series (Improved Life Skills), includes 4 CDs and a book each month for $50/month. Also available in Spanish and French.

2. Launching a Leadership Revolution Series (Improved Leadership Skills): 4 CDs and a Leadership book each month for $50/month.

3. Faith Series (Spiritual Development): 1 CD and a book each month for $25/monthly. *NOTE: ALL corporate profits from this series go to the All Grace Outreach charity.

4. Edge Series (Youth Development): 1 CD a month for youth and teen leadership for $10/monthly.

Digital/Online Subscriptions (20% discount if both are purchased together)

5. LIFE Library - LIFE’s latest, cutting-edge personal development content in either video streaming or audio format for $40/month. Includes Rascal Radio,  which features preset stations for each of LIFE’s 8 F’s. You can also customize your own stations by speaker and subject matter. It includes hundreds of audios.

6. LIFE Live – A cost-effective way to gain access to the LIFE local seminars and/or Webinars for $40/month.

The LIFE Business Review: Compensation Plan

 The compensation plan is a traditional stair-step breakaway plan. The LIFE compensation plan states a payout of 70% to the field.


  1. Refuse to take full responsibility for your problems and life choices.
  2. Would rather blame, shame, and complain than take action and seek positive solutions.
  3. Are lazy; desire an easy, cushy life without having to earn it (entitlement mentality).
  4. Know everything.
  5. Have junk in the trunk, emotional baggage, or character defects they won’t address.

If that’s you, don’t join LIFE. You have 0% chance of success at the LIFE business or any business venture for that matter.

The LIFE Leadership Business Review: What Should You Do Next?

The LIFE Business is a rock-solid, legitimate business opportunity. Its unique position in the direct sales industry with viable product offerings that can help any entrepreneur become better business owners, increase retention and improve culture in their teams/communities/organizations. In fact, network marketing industry leaders like Jackie from Hawaii are using LIFE as personal development training for their large and growing teams.

If you are already involved in a direct sales company yet still would like to take advantage of the LIFE products, you can choose to become a customer of LIFE without getting involved with the compensation plan as a member. The price of the products are the same for both members and customers.

If you’d like to become a LIFE Member, treat the business as a real business and become profitable, pay close attention now.

The LIFE Business offers a comprehensive business building training program simply called “LIFE Training.”

It consists of CDs, DVDs and print materials containing valuable strategies of the best networking leaders in the LIFE business. This information actually took a team of 1,000 to 215,000 within 5 years to create and compile.  The principles taught in LIFE Training stand the test of time. They have been are proven to work extremely effectively in any business.

There are a couple of key common denominators that will affect the outcome AND income of YOUR business regardless.

The LIFE Business is no different.

And the best part about it is that you have access to WAY more effective and simpler tools to accomplish this right now.

Click here to instantly access this turn-key system.

P.S. By the way, you’ll get special privileges to grab our Proven 5-Step Formula just for joining our LIFE Leadership team. This is your moment. It’s time for action.

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